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VIGA Wooden Magnetic Bear Family Puzzle

VIGA Wooden Magnetic Bear Family Puzzle

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Magnetic other, not further worked than hot-rolled it's a toy that lets kids dress up and change into cute teddy bears. The kit contains: 54 magnetic elements in different colours which can be combined in various combinations, to create interesting costumes for bears.


  • a toy for children over 3 years of age,
  • contains 54 of a kind used in motor vehicles,
  • 3 two-sided the bear,
  • a comfortable box for storage.

The game develops:

  • hand and eye coordination,
  • logical thinking.

it's beautiful, thoughtful and safe wood toys. Over 20 years of experience is a guarantee of quality and excellent design. The range of wooden toys includes kitchens, accessories, children's walks, bicycles, educational toys, musical toys, leashes, crafts toys, flat blocks, space blocks, queues and trains, houses and theatres, puzzles, games, mini toys, school supplies and much more.

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