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Viga Wooden Puzzle with Pins Animals

Viga Wooden Puzzle with Pins Animals

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Wooden puzzles from a reputable brand Other this is one of the leading toys that will not only serve as a traditional puzzle, but will also allow the child to practice manual skills and shape recognition. This game will help forming precision hand movements, and improves visual and motor coordination, and will also help training memorylogical thinking and concentration. I 'm going . Colorful puzzles are pleasing to the eye and encourage fun. The kit contains 5 puzzles with different the shapes of animals. Puzzles have handles, this makes it easy for the little one to pick them up and put them in the right place on the board.


  • - the kit includes a board and 5 puzzles,
  • - the child's task is to match the appropriate puzzle shapes to the places on the board,
  • - puzzles have pins/grip so that the child's small hands can pick them up easily,
  • - intense colours,
  • - aesthetically pleasing packaging,
  • - made of high-quality wood,
  • - painted with non-toxic paints, safe for children.

The toy develops:

  • - visual and motor coordination,
  • - the imagination,
  • - focus,
  • - to remember.
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