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RC aircraft SU-35 jet FX820

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The SU-35 RC fighter jet is made of styrofoam. It perfectly replicates the model of the real SU-35 fighter jet. It has a rubber overlay to protect it from impacts and wheels for easy run-up. Easy assembly. Range of approximately 120m. Yellow color. Dimensions: 37x29cm.



Get carried away!

SU-35 fighter jet model you can have in your home.

Ultralight task controlled aircraft made of styrofoam in yellow color.

The original Su-35 is a multi-role fighter aircraft, manufactured in Russia. Such models are used by the Russian or Chinese army, among others. This model replicates the aircraft of the Chinese Army Air Force.

This is a completely different dimension of flying!


The lightweight polystyrene construction allows you to easily take it off the ground. Like a real fighter this model needs quite a long run-up, followed by a spectacular take-off.

The nose of the model protected by a rubber capThe nose of the model is protected by a rubber cap, which will be appreciated especially by inexperienced amateurs of remote-controlled equipment. The cap secures the aircraft during close encounters with obstacles.

The model is equipped with wheels, which make it easier to run up.


All you need to take off is 3 AAA batteries to operate the remote control!

The SU-35's departure model will provide hours of outdoor fun. It will be loved by big and small amateurs of aerial acrobatics.

All protruding elements (wheels, vertical stabilizers) are as easy to attach as to remove, so that in just a few seconds, the model is ready to be transported "flat".

The aircraft is ultralight, unnecessary accessories have been reduced to a minimum. Low weight adds to its agility in the air and will make it easier to transport on the ground.


A simple mechanism means a small chance of complicated damage (:

It is an inconspicuous machine capable of extraordinary sky acrobatics. The remote control attached to the fighter is very intuitive to use. You will instantly learn to control this aircraft.

A great model for those who are just beginning their adventure with remote-controlled flying models, which does not mean that advanced users will not find fun in operating this toy.

This plane will also be loved by fans of traditional modeling who are thinking of taking their passion to another level


Note: these inconspicuous little propellers rotate at high speed! If you don't want to find out with how big and if it hurts, take our word for it - it hurts. For your own safety, do not hold the model in your hands during launch.


-styrofoam model SU-35


-USB cable

-2 vertical stabilizers

-wheels front and rear

-2 spare propellers

-Chinese/English instruction manual



Package dimensions

Dimensions of the model: 37cm x 29cm (wingspan)

Power supply:

- aircraft: 3.7V, 220mAh battery (included)
- pilot: 3 AA batteries (not included)

Flight time: 12-15minutes

Charging time: about 35 minutes

Range: about 120m

Transmitter: 2.4GHz

Suitable for adults and children over 14 years old.


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