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RC War Tank Set 9993 2.4GHz

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A set of two remote-controlled military tanks. They guarantee excellent fun. Equipped with light and sound effects. Features rotating turrets. Powered by rechargeable battery. Includes two tanks in different colors. Length of the tanks: about 24cm.

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Includes tanks in forest and desert colors:

A real treat for those looking for perfect fun for hours. The toys give you the opportunity to simulate the combat of real tanks.

The offered set includes two tanks that allow you to conduct clashes with each other.


Each tank has 4 life reservoirs in the form of red lights installed on the back of the vehicle.

When an accurate shot is fired, the sound of the hit target will be heard and one of the lights located on the rear side of the hit tank will go out. When firing back, in addition to the sound of the shot the whole tank is shaken by a very realistic recoil, just like on the real battlefield. After hitting the enemy three times, his tank will be immobilized for a while. This means that you have lost the battle. For about 30 seconds the tank will be immobilized. After this time the battle can be started again.

This product is ideal for fun on long winter evenings for any military enthusiast.

As befits a real tank, it is equipped with a tracked chassis on soft rubber tracks that will provide good traction. The rotating turret can swivel 300 degrees in what in practice gives the possibility to fire with a wide angle. The tank is equipped with striking lighting, which looks sensational in a darker room.

The toys are brand new, packed in original packaging. They are ideal for birthday and Christmas gifts.

The tanks have amazing sound effects that will make the feeling of a real battle even better. They have been equipped with a system of imitating engine sounds, cannon firing and the sound of a firing machine gun.


  • 2x T90 tank;
    Manual in two languages (PL, ENG);
  • 2x controller for controlling tanks;

  • 2x mains charger;

  • 2x rechargeable battery/battery for controllers.


  • Dimensions of the tanks: 34 x 12 x 11 cm

  • Toy control range up to 10m;

  • Combat range of the tanks up to 3m;

  • Tank power supply: 4.8V Ni-Cd battery;

  • Remote control power supply: 2x AA 1.5V battery;

  • Rubber tracks of the tank;

  • Turret rotation in a radius of 300 degrees degrees;

  • Infrared firing tank barrel;

  • Infrared receiver lights;

  • 2.4 GHZ frequency;

Package dimensions: 55 x 26 x 18cm

Multifunction remote control allows full control as in a real tank:

  • Driving forward and backward;

  • Turning left and right;

  • 360 degree rotation capability;

  • Turret rotation;

  • Shooting;

  • Turning the sound on and off while driving

The toys are made of very good quality plastic that will provide fun for months. Thanks to the high quality of the plastic, attention to detail has been very well preserved.

The toy is suitable for children over 6 years old.

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