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WOOPIE Water Table 2in1 Sandbox Duck Waterfall 9 accessories.

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Table in the Sand by brand WOOP it's the perfect toy to play with with water and sand. I 'm going . The kit contains: 9 accessoriesfor the purposes of this regulation:, the duckling with a spinning top and many others. When water is poured over the head, a stream flows out of the duck waterfall effect, i'm sure it'll make it easier for any kid. The duck can be detached from the table and attached to the wall or bathtub using other. I 'm going . In addition, the duck has handles on brush for use in dentistry, so it can be attached to the sink perfectly for the baby's growth. The kit is for fun both at home and abroad. I 'm going . Perfect for indoor play and on the beach or sandbox.


  • - from 3 years of age
  • - 2w1 water table, waterfall
  • - the kit contains: ten of them.
  • - the duckling has suckers and you can have it attach for wall or bath
  • - the duck has the handle on brush to tooth
  • - to play on court, as in home
  • - easy to assemble

The kit contains:

  • - folding table
  • - a duck with a spinning top
  • - four moulds
  • - the bucket
  • - a special water shovel
  • - a shovel
  • - i 'll take it
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