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WOOPIE Sand Set 3in1 Suitcase Dog + Water Toy

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The WOOPIE sand and water play kit will do all needs while traveling, playing in the sand and on the beach! Set 3w1 - everything's packed in a suitcase that contains sand accessories and a water toy. All you have to do is put the suitcase on the back, fill the bottom with water, and use the cup to pour water over your head and watch the water run off. It 's fun develops the senses the child and allows the child focus on the fun. I 'm going . The accessories allow for complete fun in the sand, even in pairs! The toy meets all the needs of outdoor play!


  • - a toy from the age of three,
  • - 3w1 - suitcase, water toy, sand toy,
  • - a comfortable hand, quiet wheels,
  • - fun in and out.

The kit contains:

  • - the suitcase,
  • - the grapes,
  • - the shoulder blades,
  • - moulds,
  • - a cup to carry water.
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