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Racing car track with car 102 elements

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Racing car track to assemble on your own with 96 blocks, so it can take on various forms. The set also includes a car with an interchangeable body. Great fun developing manual skills. Material: plastic. Car: 10 x 8 x 7.5 cm


Is your little one a fan of cars and fast racing? If yes, then this car track will surely appeal to him!

The set consists of 96 blocks in four colors, which, properly connected, form a flexible track, on which the car will drive at breakneck speed. He is not afraid of sharp turns or driving uphill - he will cope with any challenge!

To make sure that the toddler doesn't get bored too quickly, the car has an interchangeable body and stickers, which will give the car a unique look!

The car is battery-powered, so you don't have to worry about replacing batteries every so often. All your toddler needs to do is to plug the car into the recharging after finishing playing, and the next day he will be able to play with it for a long time!

With a large number of blocks, you can create a really impressive track! It's also a good idea to incorporate various everyday objects like chairs or books, so the track will be much more interesting and the car will have a bigger challenge!

Main features of the car track:

  • 96 blocks in four colors, from which you can create an impressive car track

  • An interesting way of combining elements allows you to create a flexible track

  • The car is battery-powered, and the set includes a charger

  • The car can cope with any obstacle - sharp turns or uphill driving

In order to build longer and even more impressive tracks, we recommend combining several sets.

The car track will be a perfect gift for all little car fans! It will cause a lot of fun for children, as well as their parents!

Set contents:

  • Blocks to build a track x96

  • Car base

  • Car body x2

  • Rechargeable battery

  • USB cable

  • Stickers

Technical specifications:

  • Plastic: plastic, electronic components

  • Age: 3+

  • Number of elements: 102

  • Power supply: 3.7V rechargeable battery (included)


  • Block: 8.3 cm x 3.5 cm x 2 cm

  • Car: 10 cm x 8 cm x 7.5 cm

  • Wheels: 4 cm

  • Built track (length): 132 cm

  • Packaging: 35 cm x 26 cm x 7 cm

Product packaged in a cardboard box.

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