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Garden trampoline for children net 180x200cm

Garden trampoline for children net 180x200cm

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A garden trampoline for children is a product that has nothing but positives - it encourages movement, provides plenty of entertainment and trains agility and coordination! Flexible mat, safety net and steel construction. Max load: 200kg. Dimensions: 180x200cm


Toddlers love to have fun! That's why your child is sure to love jumping on the trampoline! Seemingly such a simple activity - jumping up - and it brings so much fun that even adults are eager to join in!

Own trampoline is certainly the dream of many a child. And there is nothing surprising about it, because jumping is sheer pleasure. The flexible mat of this trampoline allows you to make really impressive jumps. Children will easily jump up and then land freely!

In order to ensure safety while jumping, the trampoline has a net around its axis, which protects the child from falling behind the trampoline while jumping. In addition, the net has a zippered entrance.

The sturdy steel tubes provide a stable structure for the entire trampoline. The maximum load is up to 200 kilograms, so both children and adults can jump on it!

Main product features:

  • Safety net,

  • Flexible mat,

  • Spring cover,

  • Stable construction,

  • Zippered entrance,

  • Weather-resistant materials.

Jumping on a trampoline is all about the positives.! First of all, they encourage movement, which is extremely important when growing up, because physical activity provides a powerful dose of endorphins and allows you to discharge negative emotions.

In addition, jumping is a great muscle workout, which can be done in a really fun way! After a short playtime on the trampoline, you can be sure that your little one will sleep like a son of a bitch!

The main advantages of jumping on a trampoline:

  • Encourages physical activity,

  • Trains muscles, coordination and agility,

  • Provides a huge dose of excitement,

  • Guarantees super fun,

Having your own trampoline is something really great! Surely you too will have the urge to jump on it!

Each component of the trampoline is made of high quality materials, so that any fun is completely safe and extremely enjoyable!

Technical parameters:

  • Max load: 200 kg

  • Spring cover: yes


  • Overall diameter: 180 cm

  • Jumping surface diameter: 132 cm

  • Height from ground to jumping surface: 57 cm

  • Height of net: 140 cm

  • Total height: 200 cm

  • Zipper height: 105 cm

  • Side width: 24 cm

  • Packaging: 100 cm x 28 cm x 22 cm

Trampoline packed in a cardboard box.

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