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MODUKO Soup Card Game. Warm up party card game 8+

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Soup. A warming card game.

A game in which players take on the role of cooks trying to cook soup from broth leftovers and available vegetables according to their own recipe. Playing the ingredient cards in front of them, they try to bring the required number of vegetables to create a soup of a given flavor into a common pot.

A simple card game that will satiate players hungry for exciting games full of bluff, strategy and humor!

Borscht, mushroom soup, or maybe tomato soup? What will you prepare from the broth leftovers and available ingredients? Become the smartest chef in the restaurant and prove to your rivals that you are the one who prepares the most delicious soups. A party game in which everyone plays cards in front of them until the required number of vegetables reaches the table. Ingredients not used for the recipe are forfeited, and the player who scores the most points for cooked vegetables wins.

Dynamic gameplay for 2-5 players ages eight and up lasting about 20 minutes. A must have for fans of Virus! Zuuupa will be a perfect gift for players who love bluff and light negative interaction.

Main assets:

  • The author is one of the most popular game designers: German mathematician Reiner Knizia
  • Trivial rules - an excellent opportunity to introduce newcomers to the world of board games
  • Dynamic gameplay with light negative interaction
  • Humorous illustrations

What does it develop?

  • strategy
  • bluff
  • rivalry

Package contents:

  • 60 component cards,
  • 5 pest cards,
  • 12 recipe cards
  • Manual

Express version of the rules:

1. Play one of the cards from your hand in front of you. Stackcards of the same ingredient face up one on
the other to see the value of the card

2. Picka card from the top of your stack .

3. If the required number of ingredients appears on the table among the face-up cards, players cook a soup.
They place the ingredients used for it face down in front of them and discard the rest from the game.

4. The winner is the player whose face-down cards have the highest total value .

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