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MUDUKO Board Game In Fairyland. Family perceptiveness game 5+

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In Fairyland. A family game of perceptiveness

Letters, glasses, ladders, brooms and other objects of everyday use got lost around Cinderella's castle, Snow White's cottage, Aladdin's market and many other wonderful places. "In the Land of Fairy Tales" players take on the role of fairy tale detectives, whose task will be to find these objects as quickly as possible. The task is not easy, because the objects on the boards are a whole lot!

Each board represents a different fairy tale. Players will strain their eyes on the river where the fisherman found the Golden Fish, under the fat body of the Wawel Dragon, in the pond where the Ugly Duckling swims or in the houses of the Three Little Pigs. This family game of perceptiveness delights with beautiful illustrations by the well-known and well-liked Nikola Kucharska. Several modes of gameplay will provide all family members with lots of fun for hours.

The game is also educational - it stimulates and develops perception in the youngest players, improves logical thinking and awakens imagination. "In Fairyland" can also be played solo as well as with up to 18 people at a time. This, in turn, makes it an ideal title also for preschool groups or school day care centers.

Illustrations: Nikola Kucharska

Contents: 18 boards, 30 square cards, instruction.

Main assets:

  • Beautiful illustrations by Nikola Kucharska.
  • Several modes of gameplay
  • Sturdy, cardboard boards
  • Possibility to play with many people - even up to 18!
  • A completely Polish product

What it develops:

  • perceptiveness
  • concentration of attention
  • eye-hand coordination
  • ability to plan and act

Package contents:

  • 18 boards
  • 30 square cards
  • Instruction

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