Garden greenhouse with shelves white 140x140x200 5460||Atlaskids
Garden greenhouse with shelves white 140x140x200 5460

Garden greenhouse with shelves white 140x140x200 5460

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A multi-season greenhouse is an ideal solution for faster development of plants, especially when space in our garden is limited. Thanks to it we can protect our plants from adverse weather conditions here or from pests. Greenhouse is able to accommodate spring seedlings, flower boxes or vegetable seedlings. Our greenhouse will create the right microclimate for the development of your plants. Thanks to the use of shelves (one under the other) we will save space for other crops.

  • Dimensions 140x140x200 cm,

  • 8 wide shelves (stacked one under the other give a huge space saving),

  • Windows with mosquito nets (provide safety from pests and is responsible for ventilation),

  • White film140g/m2 (white PP mesh blended into the film coating protects against tearing),

  • Ground fastening system (strengthen the greenhouse structure),

  • Stable frame connected by PE connectors,

  • Tube thickness - 16 mm,

  • Roller shutter/door: zippered, attached with straps,

  • Possibility to roll up the front part,

  • Bottom flange to be sprinkled with soil (prevents unwanted pests from entering and stabilizes the structure,

  • A set of pegs (strengthen the greenhouse structure),

  • New product, packed in a cardboard box,

  • Quick and easy installation

Additional information:

  • It will speed up and improve the yield of crops and creates the right microclimate for crops.

Intended use:

  • To protect plants from adverse weather conditions.

Package dimensions: 18 x 30 x 94 cm

Gross weight: 11.8 kg

: KX3841
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