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Meli Constructor wafer blocks 400pcs

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Constructor blocks 400

Properly selected for the child's age and development, the toys not only bring joy, but also guarantee the child's intellectual development. The set of educational MELI CONSTRUCTOR 400 bricks includes as many as 370 basic, flat building blocks, complemented by 30 elements for special tasks. Wheels, axles and hexagons will help materialize models of cars, robots or, for example, a helicopter! Looking for a set for siblings? Harmonious selection of colors will gain acceptance of each child. Do not think any longer - such a gift will provide your child with the joy of creation for hours!

The set includes:

  • Hexagonal blocks- 12 pcs.

  • Circle blocks- 12 pcs.

  • Sticks- 8 pcs.

  • Wafer blocks- 370 pcs.

Dimensions of blocks:

  • Hexagonal blocks- 50 x 43 mm.

  • Circle blocks- 36 x 36 mm

  • Sticks- 80 mm

  • Wafer blocks- 25 x 25 mm

Package dimensions: 17 x 17 x 17 cm

Package weight: 0.84 kg

: KX3677
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