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MUDUKO In the Land of Legends. A game for perceptiveness

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In the Land of Legends. A game of perceptiveness

Trumpets, backpacks, goblets, frying pans and other things got lost around Bald Mountain, the castle in Kórnik, in the Tatra Mountains and other wonderful places. Or maybe they were taken by Mr. Twardowski on his way to the moon?

In the Land of Legends, players take on the role of fairy tale detectives, whose task will be to find the objects as quickly as possible. The task is not easy, as there are plenty of objects on the boards!

Each board represents a different Polish legend. Players must strain their eyes at the sea, where Jurata lives, at the castle with the White Lady or at the Cracow market square, during the Lajkonik dance. This family perceptiveness game delights with beautiful illustrations by the well-known and well-liked Nikola Kucharska. Several modes of gameplay will provide all family members with a lot of fun for many hours.

The game is also educational - it stimulates and develops perception in the youngest players, improves logical thinking and awakens imagination. Land of Legends can also be played solo as well as by up to 18 people at a time. This, in turn, makes it an ideal title also for preschool groups or school day care centers.

In the Land of Legendsis a direct sequel toIn the Land of Fairy Tales- the two games can be combined, but can also be played separately.

Illustrations:Nikola Kucharska

Main assets:

  • Beautiful illustrations by Nikola Kucharska
  • Several modes of gameplay
  • Sturdy, cardboard game boards
  • Possibility to play with many people - even up to 18!
  • A completely Polish product
  • Possibility of combining with the game In the Land of Fairy Tales, which allows to create even greater combination of boards and more fun

What it develops:

  • perceptiveness
  • concentration of attention
  • eye-hand coordination
  • ability to plan and act


  • 18 boards
  • 40 square cards
  • instruction

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