MULTIGRA On top of the game for the curious||Atlaskids
MULTIGRA On top of the game for the curious

MULTIGRA On top of the game for the curious

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On the Trail- A game for the curious

Where does the lion live? That's an easy one- in Africa! But do you know how long a lion lives? Or how much it weighs? This information is known only to the most skillful Trackers! Do not delay and join their ranks! Knowledge will certainly help you succeed in the game, but without reflexes and quick decision-making it may not be enough - after all, there are rivals lurking around the board, who cannot be ignored. Roll up your sleeves, strain your senses and sit down to play.

Box contents:

  • 1-piece game board.

  • Cards with animals- 165 pcs.

  • Betting tokens- 24 pcs.

  • Flechettes for counting scores: green 100 pcs, red 100 pcs.

  • Pawn for counting rounds- 1 piece.

  • Instructions

Age 8 years

Number of players 2-6

Packing dimensions: 25.5 x 24.5 x 6 cm

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