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MULTIGRA Treasure Hunt with Hedgehog Springs

MULTIGRA Treasure Hunt with Hedgehog Springs

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Game of Treasure Hunt with Hedgehog and Game of Springs and Ladders.

Two simple board games that will provide great entertainment for even the youngest players and take us into the world of the adventures of Hedgehog and his new serial friends.

In the first game, a chest with a mysterious pirate treasure is hidden in the Merry City area. Together with Hedgehog, Springy, Marinella and the merry brothers, Stuk and Puck, go on an enchanting journey through Merry Town to win the prize. A ride on the colorful train will bring you closer to your destination, and sitting on top of the Ferris Wheel you will more easily see the actions of the other characters. However, remember that the current of the river can change, and the carousel makes your head spin a lot... The player who most efficiently overcomes all obstacles and first reaches the treasure - wins.

In the second game we take part in a race full of sudden twists and turns. Look out for ladders on your way - you can use them to reach the finish line faster. But watch out for the mischievous Spring - she makes goblins knocking down players to lower fields. The one with the most luck - will become the winner.

Contents of the box:

  • Double-sided game board

  • Character pawns- 5 pcs.

  • Base for the pawns- 5 pcs.

  • Playing dice

  • Instructions

Age 5+

Number of players 2-5

Package dimensions: 29 x 19 x 4 cm

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