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TOOKY TOY Montessori Shapes and Colors FSC puzzle

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Wooden, eco-friendly branded toy TAKEY TOY. I 'm going . The shape sorter consists of a set 4 smaller blocks and 8 larger blocks and then they're superimposed on the smaller ones. The child's task is to place the smaller blocks in the holes that are on the wooden tray, and then fit the larger blocks as "overlays" on the smaller ones. Playing with the shape sorter is a great way to develop logical thinking skills, and the fitness of the child's small hands. I 'm going . In addition, with the large coloured blocks, the child can, with the help of the parents learn the colors. I 'm going . A toy modeled after a modern model this appropriation is intended to cover expenditure on studies, meetings of experts, information and publications directly linked to the achievement of the objective of the programme or measures coming under this article, and any other expenditure on technical and administrative assistance not involving public authority tasks outsourced by the Commission under ad hoc service contracts.

CharacteristicThe following:

  • from 2 years of age,
  • coated with a safety paint,
  • steam education (science/science, technology/technology, engineering/engineering, art/art, maths/maths) - a modern teaching model,
  • perfect for the little hands.
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