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Viga Wooden Educational Sorter for Shapes, Colors and Patterns

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Viga's Educational Tooth Shapes Sort is a perfect idea for any toddler. The toy consists of a base on which three pins are placed. Play involves arranging the pieces in the right order so that the child can practice hand-eye coordination and learn colors and shapes. When properly assembled, it forms a coherent whole in which, under the influence of rotation, gears set the whole structure in motion.

  • a toy intended for children from 18 months of age,
  • 12 coloured ones in different colours and shapes,
  • on a wooden base there are 3 sticks on which the child places the wooden elements,
  • the whole structure can be set in motion when the gear is properly assembled,
  • the toy allows children to learn their first colours and shapes, stimulates logical thinking and creativity, and develops eye-hand coordination through play.

The whole thing is made of varnished wood and painted with non-toxic paints in vivid colors that will satisfy any user and give plenty of fun.

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