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Viga PolarB Wooden Ludo Chinese game

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Chinese board game is well known to children and adults around the world. Company Other PolarB she's got a whole new side to it that's going to charm the little ones. The set includes four cubes, a box board and 16 beautifully made pastel figures.


  • - play allows the child to enter a world of interesting and creative play,
  • - the object of the game improving memory, analytical and logical thinking skills in children,
  • - the perfect toy for the whole family,
  • - a popular game that is sure to delight every child and at the same time bring great joy,
  • - the kit contains: 16 pieces of four colours, four dice, a board,
  • - all figures are approximately 3.5 cm high,
  • - the board it's a game sealed box and it has the function of a wrapper where you can put all the pieces when the game is over. It'll keep the children's room tidy,
  • - the product is made from wood of the highest quality and painted with child-resistant pastel paints, that will satisfy every user and give a lot of fun.

The game develops:

  • - develops dexterity,
  • - exercises his patience,
  • - promotes social inclusion,
  • - it ties you together,
  • - teaches you how to deal with success and failure.
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