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WOOPIE Shop Food Truck Confectionery Cart Ice Cream Stand Sweets Sound Light 36 Accs

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The Ice Truck brands Woopie it will be the perfect toy for your the little one and his friends - not just on hot days! What ! The toy provides creative play, role playing, develops imaginary and other abilities to proper development child. I 'm going . Playing seller and buyer" it will help to develop awareness and capabilities social. I 'm going . He has many accessories of the highest quality with accessories/stickers to fun/"sales" with detailed models of ice cream cones, ice cream sticks, ice-cream mugs, cartoon-faced candy mugs and other items such as sandwiches, candy and snack boxes, ice-cream mugs, popcorn box and juice bottle. In addition, the essential components of the kit are: coins, which will encourage children to science basic skills mathematical and financial when shopping. In addition to its rich accessories, it has numerous special functions: sound (music powered by: a button on the roof of a wheelchair, lighting (coloured glowing umbrella trunk), fully revolving around 360 degrees an umbrella with a shelf, and the stand itself after folding the umbrella and accessories can keep items inside the cart.


  • - shopping cart + accessories
  • - has a function sound (music powered by: a button on the trolley top) and lighting (coloured glowing umbrella trunk)
  • - umbrella with shelf turns 360 degrees
  • - manufacture from materials of any heading and umbrella you can hide inside wheelchair
  • - learning through play - fun in the seller encourages children to learn basic skills mathematical skills and financial
  • - develops imagination and social development
  • - Required: 3 AA batteries (not included)

The kit contains:

  • - trolley with umbrella, shelves and convenient sliding handle
  • - 6 x ice cream in the corn
  • - 3 x ice cream on a stick
  • - 6 x other fish
  • - 6 x coins
  • - 3 x candies
  • - one spoon
  • - ice cream cup
  • - juice cup
  • - popcorn
  • - box of cookies
  • - fruit yoghurt

Company Woopie is one of the leading producers of plastic toys in Europe. Mochtoys' products are sold successfully on the domestic market and throughout Europe.

Toys of the brand Woopie they have one goal - to make children happy! Among the rich variety, Woopie it includes carnival costumes and costumes for children, but also swingers, foam toys, various garden toys, and much more! Let the fun take you - let the fun take you Woopie!

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