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Woopie toy creative dinosaur skeleton archaeological excavation

Woopie toy creative dinosaur skeleton archaeological excavation

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A set of Stegosaurus fossils by brand WOOP this is a fantastic gift for kids who are interested in dinosaurs. It 's all about mining fossils and the composition one of them is a dinosaur. The kit makes you feel like a real paleontologist, digging up fossils and discovering dinosaur bones. With the included tools for kicking, tapping, brushing and folding, children can spend many hours of educational fun, get inspired by the natural sciences and develop their practical skills and thinking. The perfect gift for both boys and girls!


  • - a toy from 6 years of age,
  • - the fun is in mining fossils and detection the skeleton of a dinosaur,
  • - after finding the skeleton, you can get out of it put the dinosaur together,
  • - the perfect gift for children interested in dinosaurs,
  • - skills development practical and thinking.

The kit contains:

  • - a fossil with a dinosaur skeleton,
  • - the hammer,
  • - the hand,
  • - a toothbrush.

The toy develops:

  • - knowledge of dinosaurs and prehistory,
  • - practical skills,
  • - analytical thinking,
  • - interest in science,
  • - the sense of touch,
  • - patience and focus.
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