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WOOPIE Cafe Set Coffee Maker + Cake Display

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Coffee express by brand WOOP it's the perfect kit for kids who love to play as an adult. I 'm going . Set other than express and other on cakes contains sweets such as donuts and muffins in different flavors. The express and the store can go together link freely or use separately. I 'm going . The coffee express has water flow function, all you have to do is pour the water from the top into the container, install the express flask, replace the cup and the coffee is ready! In addition, it sound/the sounds of grinding and brewing coffee, lights and then the red light blinks, and when the coffee's ready, the green light lights up and you hear the stop sign. Once the filter port is installed, we'll also hear the sound of coffee pouring. The toy is sure to interest any child. Playing at the store with friends it will help to develop awareness and capabilities social.


  • - a toy from 3 years of age,
  • - the kit contains: 40 elements,
  • - moving parts - such as an express piston,
  • - sound effects,
  • - lighting effects,
  • - real water - the water flow function,
  • - coloured packaging perfect for a gift.

The kit contains:

  • - coffee machine,
  • - the website,
  • - two cups of coffee with a lid,
  • - the cheese,
  • - 10 cookies of all kinds,
  • - two sugars in bags,
  • - two cups of coffee,
  • - the killer,
  • - a milk jug,
  • - the baguette,
  • - a roast,
  • - 6 x coins,
  • - 15x the bills.
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