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WOOPIE Fast Food Store 3in1 Backpack UFO Projector 60 pcs.

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Fast food UFO by brand WOOP it's a space kit for every child! The toy has 3 function. I 'm going . You can turn it on a projector and learn the names of the planets. You can use it as a stylish the backpack with a martian. When carrying a backpack head martian it moves freely behind a fast ship. However, the most important feature is the ability to spread the spacecraft into super the restaurant Fast food. A child can to embody up i want to be a street vendor and play with my friends. The kit contains up to 60 itemsall the necessary things that every fast food restaurant has. You can fold a little alien. The backpack function will allow take it anywhere my own portable restaurant. Role playing and imitating the profession develops your child's awareness and stimulates imaginary and creativity.


  • - a toy from 3 years of age,
  • - 3w1 - projector, backpack and fast food,
  • - the kit contains up to 60 elements,
  • - motive A UFO,
  • - with a projector, a child can learn about planets,
  • - the kit can be taken anywhere, thanks to the function of the backpack,
  • - role playing - a small salesman,
  • - the perfect gift kit,
  • - batteries required: 3x LR44 1.5 V (included).

The kit contains: m.in.The following:

  • - a folding backpack,
  • - a folded alien,
  • - the scanner,
  • - four burgers and sandwiches,
  • - two fries,
  • - three drinks,
  • - pop corn,
  • - the tackle,
  • - some menus,
  • - the money,
  • - credit cards,
  • - the pliers,
  • - and others.
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