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Viga Wooden Puzzle Blocks - Animals - PolarB

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Puzzle solving has a positive impact on a child's development, and more importantly, there is no age limit. All you have to do is adjust the difficulty and the number of items according to the child's age and ability.


  • - it's a good idea to start with two- or three-part puzzles so the kid doesn't get discouraged by failure. The older the child, the higher we set the bar to maintain cognitive and educational value,
  • - wooden puzzles from the Polar Bear series will be perfect for launch. The baby won't get discouraged when you put it together,
  • - a puzzle set contains 9 sets, each set can be used to put together a different animal ( the zebra, fox, bear, rhinoceros, hedgehog, squirrel, lion, crocodile and elephant,
  • - each set consists of two parts. In addition, puzzles will help you learn about shapes, colors and animals,
  • - cthe kit consists of 19 items.

The toy develops:

  • - manual skills,
  • - the memory,
  • - and creativity,
  • - sensory,
  • - small motorcycles,
  • - the imagination.

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