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WOOPIE Dog Portable Beauty Salon 2in1 in a Transporter Backpack

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Portable dog care kit by brand WOOP let your kid take care of his favorite puppy. You can take it anywhere your dog in a comfortable portable a backpackwhen you're traveling, at a playground, or in kindergarten. The backpack has the handle for lifting, and special closure, it will not allow the cabin to open during use and will provide maximum safety the animal. Medical equipment 2w1 contains: a puppy, a backpack, a strap (for mounting the cabin on the back), a bowl, scissors, a comb, an accessory basket, 2 boxes of food, shampoo, sink, faucet, shelf and hanger. The kit contains everything you need to care for the puppy. A child can wash and feed my dog. A child playing in the caretaker or the veterinarian it develops its imaginary and the feeling empathy. It's possible that the toy will be the beginning of developing a passion and the way to stay the vet.


  • - a toy from 3 years of age,
  • - the kit 2w1 - The dog plus the grooming backpack,
  • - the backpack has closure and comfortable the handle for transport,
  • - playing a role - the child takes on the role of a carer or veterinarian,
  • - a toy develops in a child a sense of empathy and in my imagination,
  • - the child can take it anywhere my favorite toy.

Content of the kit:

  • - a puppy figure,
  • - the backpack,
  • - strap (for mounting the cab on the back),
  • - a bowl,
  • - the scissors,
  • - the comb,
  • - an accessory basket,
  • - two boxes of food,
  • - shampoo,
  • - the sink,
  • - the faucet,
  • - the shelf,
  • - the hanger.

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